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The PeregrinE™ Micro is a micro model designed to bring back that nostalgic feeling of yesteryear, in an indoor electric package. Taking inspiration from many different planes of the past, we developed the 23.7 inch PeregrinE™, which resulted in a super easy to fly, lightweight, and nostalgic indoor electric R/C airplane. The PeregrinE™ Micro is easy enough for learning how to fly and has a trike gear setup to keep things simple.

The PeregrinE™ Micro was designed using a state of the art 3D CAD package, to allow for exceptional interlocking parts design and fit. 3D design also allows us to provide clearer assembly images, without having to use photos.

The PeregrinE™ Micro is built from self-jigging interlocking laser cut balsa and plywood parts. It's like a 3D jigsaw puzzle with instructions. Although not needed for building, full size plans are included for reference. If the instructions are read before hand and followed during the build, the PeregrinE™ Micro can be built up and ready to fly in only a few evenings.

We think you’ll like the PeregrinE™ Micro and look forward to any feedback you might have.

  • Wingspan: 23.7 in
  • Length: 18.4 in
  • Wing Area: 100 sq in
  • Flying Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Wing Loding: 2.6 oz/sq ft
  • Controls: 3 (Rudder, Elevator, Throttle) 
  • Power: ParkZone P51/Sukhoi (PKZ3624)
  • RX/ESC/Servos: ParkZone 2.4 ghz DSM2 (P51/Sukhoi 'brick') or Spektrum AR6400 
  • Battery: 1S-130 LiPo

Kit Contents:

  • Laser Cut interlocking balsa and plywood parts
  • Pushrods, landing gear, wheels, control horns, etc.

Items Needed to Complete:

  • Power: ParkZone P51/Sukhoi (PKZ3624)
  • RX/ESC/Servos: ParkZone 2.4 ghz DSM2 (P51/Sukhoi 'brick') or Spektrum AR6400 
  • Battery: 1S-130 LiPo
  • Propeller: 130x70mm (PKZ3601)
  • Covering: So-Lite covering film
  • Covering: So-Lite for covering trim details

Tools Needed:

  • Hobby knife and blades
  • Ruler
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • Thin and Thick CA
  • Soldering Iron
  • Sandpaper (400 grit)

The current version of the manual is 1.0: PeregrinE Micro Manual(455 KB)

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