Fighter 22


Introducing the first of our Depron line of products, the 18" Fighter 22 Cul-De-Sac / Indoor flier.

Designed as a simple lightweight small field flyer, the Fighter 22 assembles quickly and uses inexpensive equipment for a fun plane that doesn't break the bank.

Weighing a whole 3.3 ounces, the Fighter 22 is easy to fly in small fields and indoor venues. Standard aerobatics, rolling circles, falling leafs, Cobra maneuvers, harriers, etc. are easy.

This kit is proudly MADE IN THE USA!

See the tabs above for details on specifications, more images, the manual, and flight video.


  • Wingspan: 18.4 in
  • Length: 25.1 in
  • Wing Area: 206 sq in
  • Flying Weight: 3.2 to 3.4 oz
  • Wing Loding: 2.3 to 2.4 oz/sq ft
  • Controls: 3 (Elevons, Throttle) 
  • Power: D1811-2900 Outrunner 
  • Battery: 2S-300 to 2S-360

Kit Contents:

  • Laser Cut Depron (3 mm and 6 mm) and plywood 
  • Carbon Fiber Spar 
  • Pushrod Wire
  • Motor Mount Screws 

Items Needed to Complete:

  • Power: D1811-2900 Outrunner
  • 6 Amp ESC
  • 2 ea. 3.7 gram Servos
  • Battery (2S-300)
  • Micro RX (Berg 4L or Spektrum 6110) 
  • GWS 5x3 3-Blade Prop
  • Transmitter (with elevon or V-tail mixing)

Tools Needed:

  • Hobby knife and blades
  • Ruler
  • Pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Foam Safe Glue
  • Thin or Thick CA
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering paste/flux
  • Solder

The current version of the manual is 1.0: Fighter 22 Manual (332 KB)

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