Power HD 3.7g Servo

  Designation:     HD-1370A  
  Weight:     4.3 grams (with wire/connector)  
  Torque (4.8V):     5.6 in.oz.  
  Transit Time (4.8V):     0.12 SEC/60  
  Dimensions:     20 x 17.6 x 8.0 mm  
  Gear Type:     Plastic  
  Connector Type:     S-Type, JR/Hitec  

This servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connector also known as a "Universal Connector". Note: Even thought this servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connectors, this servo is electrically compatible with Futaba receivers. Follow the wiring diagram below. If you hook this up incorrectly nothing bad will happen to the servo. Just flip the S connector and around and the servo will work correctly.

  "S" Type Connector    Futaba "J" Connector    Wire Info 

Brown Wire

Black Wire

  Battery Negative 

Red Wire

Red Wire

  Battery Positive 

Orange Wire

White Wire


WARNING: Using the servo arm to turn the servo motor may cause the gears to break or jump and the servo will stop functioning correctly. This is true for all servos regardless of servo manufacturer. Mountain Models assumes no responsibility for this kind of damage. This can also occur as a result of crash damage or hard landing. Once you install and use a servo Mountain Models assumes no responsibility any damages that may occur.


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