Yardbird 2 Short kit with Plans

Includes the Yardbird 2 Short kit and the plans together at a discount.

The Yardbird 2 is a 126" RES Sailplane designed by Jack Womack.

You can use a few different pods and booms on thsailplane such as:

A Bubble dancer pod from Bud Elder and Bubble Dancer boom from Polecat Aero.

The High Aspect RES fuselage and boom from Art Hobby.

The thread of RCGroups.com has much information on the design, along with pictures of the build. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=395841&pp=15


This product contains the following items:
Yardbird 2 Short Kit» 1 x Yardbird 2 Short Kit     $35.00
Yardbird 2 Plans» 1 x Yardbird 2 Plans     $25.00

Cost of separate parts: $60.00

You save $5.00
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