The Molt Models Tyro is the ideal park-flyer trainer, designed with a classic look; reminiscent of the glow-engine powered trainers most are familiar with. Tyro's flexible design allows for a wide variety of power systems, radio gear, and even cameras for aerial photography. This means Tyro can be built to suit almost any type of flying, from smooth scale take-offs and realistic looking maneuvers, to extreme-vertical crowd pleasers!

Ready to fly weight ranges from 12.0 - 14.5 oz and a wing area of 248 sq. in., provide extremely light wing loadings of 7.0 - 8.4. This means you have a trainer that will fly at crawl like speeds, giving a novice flyer time to relax and think while flying. Some might worry Tyro's low flying weight means it is not a robust airframe. This could not be any further from the truth, as Tyro utilizes a completely interlocking box fuselage design. The wing is also quite strong, as it consists of an interlocking "I-beam" spar, trailing edge, and leading edge. These features enhance crash survivability and get you back out and flying as soon as possible.

  • Wingspan: 36.25 in
  • Length: 29.5 in.
  • Wing Area: 248 sq in
  • Weight: 12 - 15 oz
  • Loading: 7.9 - 8.4 oz/sq ft
  • Controls: 4-5 (Rudder, elevator, ailerons (2 servos), throttle, optional flapperons with TX mixing.
  • Power: 300-350 sized Brushed or Brushless power systems.
  • Piloting: Makes a good aileron trainer
  • Building: "Could be a first balsa build"

Kit Contents:

  • Laser cut balsa and plywood
  • Fixed landing gear wire
  • Steerable nose gear
  • 1-1/2 in. DuBro wheels
  • Micro pushrod system
  • Micro servo connectors
  • Nylon wing bolt
  • Hatch magnets
  • Other misc. hardware

Tools Needed:

  • Sharp knife (#11 X-Acto)
  • Sealing Iron
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdrivers
  • Plastic wrap or wax paper

Items Needed to Complete:

  • 1 roll lightweight covering (SoLite or similar)
  • Optional: Extra covering or trim sheets for detail work as desired for finish 
  • Thin and thick CA
  • 4 channel transmitter minimum
  • Micro receiver, 4 ch. minimum
  • 4 ea. HS-55 or GWS Pico/Naro servos or equivenent (rudder, elevator, 2 ailerons)
  • Servo Y-Extension for aileron servos (or 5ch RX, and TX capable of running 2 aileron servos)
  • Brushed Power System:
    • GWS EPS350 "C"
    • Micro brushed ESC, 10A minimum
    • 8-cell, 650 mAh NiMH battery
  • Brushless Power Systems:
    • Custom CDR Single or Double Outrunner or Himax 2015-4100/5400, 2025, or equivelent in a gearbox (Maximum prop diamer is 9 inches)
    • LiPo Battery (from 800 to 2050 mAh)

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