Slipso Short Kit
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The Slipso 400 was designed by Paul Daniels as an introduction to electric pylon racing. It makes an excellent club racer that keeps everyone on the same playing field with the same platform and motor. It's a true test of who has the best flying skills.

The Slipso can accomodate motors up to the classic speed-400 can size and battery packs up to a 7 call 2/3A.

Using a brushless motor with high discharge LiPo cells turns the Slipso into an insanely fast racer that has reached speeds up to 125 MPH! The Slipso has a solid 1/4" balsa wing reinforced with CF that can also be covered with Doculam or light fiberglass.

The short kit includes ONLY the balsa parts for the airplane and a 1/8" birch plywood firewall mount.

For more information on the Slipso 400, check out Paul Daniels web site that also has the downloadable plans and instructions here:

Also check out the RC Groups thread with tons of information here:

Click on the above tabs for more specifications, images, and the manual.


  • Wingspan: (750mm)
  • Length: (555mm)
  • Flying Weight: (350-450g)
  • Motor: 6V S400 brushed can motor or brushless
  • Prop: APC 4.5x4.2 to 4.75x4.75
  • Battery: 7C 2/3A NiMH or 2S-1800 to 2S-2200 LiPo (20C discharge)
  • Controls: Aileron, Elevator, Throttle
  • Construction: Solid balsa wing with paper, laminating film, or fiberglass. Fuselage is built up and shaped balsa box fuselage covered in 2oz fiberglass cloth.

Also Needed to Complete Build:

  • 1/4" Triangle Stock for inside of fuselage
  • Blind Nuts and Bolts to hold on wing. (6-32 or 8-32)
  • Sullivan type control sheath and 0.032 wire pushrod for elevator
  • Strip aileron linkages for ailerons. OR bend your own from 1/16" wire and brass, aluminum, or rolled paper bushings.
  • Control Horns (3). 1/2A type plastic or 1/32" to 1/16" plywood.
  • 2 oz. fiberglass for fuselage
  • 3/4 oz fiberglass or other covering for wing
  • 3/8" to 1/2" wide carbon fiber uni-web or iron on for underside of wing.

The current version of the manual is 1.62: Slipso Manual (1.45 MB)

Slipso400 Plans in many different formats:

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