The ETana™ is a 44" wingspan aerobatic airplane. Its large control surfaces makes it 3D capable. The ETana™ was carefully engineered to eliminate coupling in knife edge allowing the less experienced pilot to knife edge with ease.

The ETana™ assembles quickly and easily. The laser cut kit is almost foolproof with interlocking pieces designed with AutoCAD. Much of the fuselage and wings are assembled before you start gluing. The wings plug into a carbon fiber spar and the tail surfaces are airfoiled for good control response. The landing gear is pre-bent 6061 T6 aluminum and the wheels and pushrods are included with the kit. Both a front firewall mount and a GWS style stick motor mount are provided. The mounts bolt onto the fuselage, allowng easy swapping.

The ETana™ is designed to fly with a brushless motor capable of 300+ watts. The Scorpion 3008-32 or 3014-18 would be great matches for this plane. At these power levels, a 3S 2000mAH Lipoly battery pack is recommended.


  • Wingspan: 44"
  • Wing Area: 418 sq in
  • Length: 45 in
  • Weight: 24 oz without battery
  • Wing Loading: ~10 oz/sq ft
  • Channels: 5 (Aileron x 2, Elevator, Rudder, Motor)

Kit Contents:

  • Laser cut wood
  • Lightweight Aluminum Landing Gear
  • Wheels
  • Pushrods and Housings
  • Servo Connectors
  • Misc. hardware

Tools Needed:

  • Sharp knife (#11 X-Acto)
  • Sealing Iron for covering
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdrivers

Items Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Rolls SoLite (Covering)
  • Thin and Thick CA
  • 4+ Ch Radio
  • 4+ Ch Receiver
  • 2 ea. HS-81 Servos, 2 ea. HS-55 Servos
  • 2 ea. 6 in servo extensions
  • 2 ea. 12 in servo extensions
  • Y-Connector (If your TX does not have 2 aileron servo mixing)

Recommended Power:

  • Scorpion 3008-32, 30A ESC, 12x6 APC-E (48 oz thrust, 268 watts) OR
    Scorpion 3014-18, 45A ESC, 12x6 APC-E (70 oz thrust, 416 watts)
  • 3S 2000 MAh LiPo

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