Jester 2M


The Jester™ was designed and engineered for the moderately experienced builder/flyer. However, beginners and pros alike will appreciate the precision fit of the laser cut parts and the construction features that make this kit almost fall together.

The Jester™ is a full-body version of the Sovereign™ with spoilers.

The Jester™ uses the SD3021 airfoil, which provides good low speed characteristics as well as the ability to move quickly from thermal to thermal. The Jester is a perfect small field model. It can be launched with a lightweight High-Start in a confined area or aggressively Winch launched for all out thermal hunting.

Your Jester™ will make a great 2-meter, 3-function (RES) contest ship, as well as a great Sunday flyer.


  • Wingspan: 78.125"
  • Wing Area: 685 sq in
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.9:1
  • Weight: 34 - 40?oz
  • Loading: 6.7 - 7.6 oz/sq ft
  • Airfoil: S3021

Kit Contents:

  • Laser cut wood
  • Vac-formed canopy
  • Adjustable tow hook
  • Control rods, sheaths, horns
  • Servo quick connectors

Tools Needed:

  • Sharp knife (#11 X-Acto)
  • Sealing Iron
  • Hobby Plane (optional)
  • Sanding Block
  • Screwdrivers
  • Yardstick
  • Pins, etc.

Items Needed to Complete:

  • Servo lead Y-splitter (for spoilers)
  • 2 x Servo lead extensions for spoilers
  • 3 Ch Radio (Minimum)
  • 4 Servos
  • Covering
  • Adhesives
  • Pushrods (Sullivan or similar)

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