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6/7/2017 Update:

We are closed through Sunday, June 18th while I take a vacation with my sons.

We may have occasional voice mail and email access during this time, but it will be sporadic.

Now that I have finished the BS in Mechanical Engineering that I restarted four years ago, I have accepted a full time Mechanical Engineer position here in the Fox Valley area in Wisconsin.

I have decided to pull back in how much I do, so I can once again spend more time with my children. Some of you may have heard already, but Mountain Models is now for sale. In the event that a buyer can not be found in the next several months, I will begin the process of winding down the business.

The last 13 years have been an amazing ride. I have made many good friends in this hobby and will miss all of you.

Thank you all,
Brian Eberwein

5/8/2017 Update:

This is the last week of classes, with finals taking place the week of May 15th. I am trying to catch up on emails and orders, but I am very behind right now.

I am going to try catching up on more orders and emails on Sunday, as my schedule is full through Saturday night. Please be a little more patient, as this journey of mine is ALMOST DONE!

I will also be making an announcement soon, in regards to the future of Mountain Models.

4/5/2017 Update:

Mountain Models will be closed from Thursday, April 6 through Monday, April 10, while we attend the Weak Signals Model Show in Toledo, OH.

1/15/2016 Update:

Happy New Year everyone!

The lesson learned during 2016 is to NOT have shoulder surgery at the beginning of the semester when in your last year of completing a BSME and having taken on way too many other positions and responsibilities...

For those of you who have been wondering, for the past several years, what is going to happen to Mountain Models when I complete my degree in May, I honestly do not know at this time. After running this business for twelve years, I do not really want to let it go, but at the same time, I want to spend more time with my family. I will try to keep you informed as I make decisions.

We ARE planning on being at the Weak Signals Show in Toledo, OH this year, after missing last year. Plan on being there if you can make it, because I would love to see all of you again.

12/13/2016 Update:

The holidays, and finals, are upon us! I have caught up on most back orders, including P-51 and ETana kits. Pending builds include DL-50 and DusckStick kits. I hope to be shipping those in the next day or two, to arrive before Christmas.

Phone support, as you can imagine during finals, is going to be spotty, at best, so please send an email and I will get back to you as fast as I possibly can.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

9/30/2016 Update:

I am recovering fairly well from shoulder surgery, but can not pack or carry boxes myself. My wife is doing that for me, on some evenings, but can not do it every night. So, some orders may take an extra day or two to be shipped.

9/13/2016 Update:

Mountain Models will be closed for a few days, while I recover from shoulder surgery. I will have someone packing and shipping orders for me, in a couple days.

Thank you for your understanding.

8/4/2016 Update:

We are almost caught up on orders that were placed while we were closed for vacation, and are working on the last few.

Thank you all for the orders you placed during the sale and I hope you all enjoy the builds!

7/20/2016 Update:

Mountain Models will be closed from Thursday, July 21 through Sunday, July 31, while I attend WATTS over Owatonna, followed by Scout Camp with my youngest son, and then a few days at AirVenture.

Please enjoy the sales while we are gone!

Orders placed during that time will begin shipping on Monday, August 1st.

6/21/2016 Update:

Mountain Models will be closed from Monday, June 27 through Wednesday, June 29, while I attend Scout Camp with my oldest son.

Orders placed during that time will be shipped when I return on Thursday, June 30.

5/18/2016 Update:

The Spring semester has ended and I am taking this summer off from coursework! If you want to follow along with my progress, click the link in the information box on the left hand side. I am rapidly working on catching up on things that fell behind at the end of the semester.

Our contact hours are back to a normal schedule, but I will be going on Scout camping trips, attending model events such as WATTS, attending AirVenture (of course), and a lot of house projects. I will be listing these on this site, so there is ample notice.

Thank you all for your continued support,
Brian Eberwein

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